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The Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland (TCC) is pleased to report to the Southern Maryland Workforce Development Board (WDB) that seven months into the fifth grant to the Job Match Re-Employment Project (Job Match), the project has reached the ultimate goal of obtaining over a 100% success rate at the close of this year grant cycle. To date, we have a running total of 781 active participants finding their next “best-fits”.

All participants 1) earned a minimum of $38,000 the year they joined the project; 2) were displaced within the past twelve months of the time they joined; and 3) are residents of Charles, Calvert, or St Mary’s County

The Job Match Re-Employment Project grant were established when the doors opened in September 2009 as a result of a Federal Block Grant (part of the Stimulus Bill of 2009) to the State of Maryland. The fundamental aim to create and execute a model to ensure that mid- to upper-level managers can experience rapid re-employment was off and running.

Job Match continuously improves its tailored-to-the individual services, including career coaching, personal presentation, interview skills training, and networking opportunities to meet the needs of individuals transitioning from past employment to the next “best fit.”

The Job Match  Project services are designed to identify, support, reward and develop the necessary requirements to retool for the rehire.

Check out our Success Stories below↓

Thank You – Thomas Davidson

Thank you for being my friend, thank you for all of the help you provide us every day. Thanks you for your positive attitude when we walk through the door. Thank you for such a beautiful smile, but most of all, thank you for being, YOU!”  ~Thomas Davidson, Participant

Success Story – Mary Helen Burris

I wanted to send sincere thanks to the whole team at Job Match – you helped me so much to maintain a positive attitude, with a “can do” kind of spirit.  Together all of you make up such a powerful force of positive thinking.  When I felt blue I got dressed and came in, when I felt down and out I got dressed and came in, and even when all I felt like doing was crying, I got dressed and came in – I keep mentioning the getting dressed part cause when you’re unemployed and depressed, getting dressed each day is a major accomplishment.  

If there isn’t a federal funded project like our Waldorf Job Match in every city in our nation, well, shame on someone – there should be! Mary Helen Burris, Delta Research Associates

Thank You – Douglas Casto

AGAIN THANK YOU for all you have done for me and for everyone in the program.  May we all have continued success.  Please stay in touch I will do all I can to hire follow JobMatchers and I will keep in touch with you all. ~Douglas Casto, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Success Story – D. Smith

Just finished my first week at the new job. I appreciate all your timely advice and encouragement. It was less about what I was doing and more about what I could do” – D. Smith, Job Match Success Story.

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