Hiring Events have proven to be a remarkable source of talent for the Job Match Re-Employment Project. Hiring Events in the Tri-County Area are as rich in human resources as the Chesapeake is in marine life. We realize that minimizing the time between job loss and job attainment saves homes, communities, and quality of life for individuals who continue to contribute to the tax base of local towns, the State of Maryland, and the IRS.

Rapid re-employment also assures that employers in Southern Maryland can find the best fits for current openings even in tough economic times. The Job Match Re-Employment Project continuously trains and develops a workforce pipeline with the ultimate goal to keep this region competitive.

The Job Match Re-Employment Project is the result of a Federal Block Grant (part of the Stimulus Bill of 2009) to the State of Maryland, which, in turn, solicited proposals for innovative projects to assist dislocated workers. The Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland, supported by the Workforce Investment Board, applied for and received funding in September 2009. Eleanor Nelson, Coach on Call, LLC, became a single source provider. The charge was to create and execute a model whose fundamental aim was to ensure that mid- to upper-level managers who had become disenfranchised by the downturn in the economy could experience rapid re-employment.

With more than three decades of experience in the marketplace as Coach on Call, Nelson explores innovative approaches to support sustained excellence in each client, individually and within organizations. As an executive coach and employment consultant, she believes effective coaches are not in the game. They assess talent, consider the challenges, develop the winning plays, and set the necessary goals to win. A wide-reaching career encompasses a number of “firsts”: the first Career Planning and Placement Director, University of Tennessee College of Law; Wall Street, as the first Human Resources Director for a major law firm; and CEO of a start-up company, establishing a nationwide computerized database and online career network linking seekers and holders of legal talent. Finding the right fit between Job Match participants and employers who need high-caliber professionals sustains an unflagging enthusiasm for helping and serving others.

The Job Match Re-Employment Project is proof positive that the portion of the Stimulus Bill of 2009 that was granted to the Tri-County Council has produced long-term impactful results. The best evidence of those results is reflected in the fact that more than 600 displaced professionals have resumed careers in their chosen fields.