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There are as many potential success stories in the Job Match Re-Employment Project as there are participants…

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From Un-Employment to Re-Employment.

The Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland opened the Job Match Re-Employment Office in September 2009 and has been extended to July 2018. The mission of the program is to assist mid- to upper-level wage earners affected by a lay-off in “finding the right fit” for their next career move. The Job Match Re-Employment Project does this by tailoring individual services and providing opportunities that aid in career transitions. While unemployment can be challenging, it also can present the perfect opportunity for personal reinvention and to discover the tools that can enable those who are in a job transition process to “be all you can be.” The Job Match Re-Employment Project has the tools that will help you develop insights into personal work styles to be used as a springboard to a successful hire. Each time a Job Match participant reenters the workforce, he or she becomes a success story. The end goal is that each success story is a “good fit”. After forty-four months of the Project, over 400 people had found good fits. This means that more than 400+ families in the Tri-County area have ended unemployment benefits and resumed a lifelong role as tax-paying citizens.


The Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland (TCC) is pleased to report to the Southern Maryland Workforce Investment Board (SMWIB) that seven months into the fifth grant to the Job Match Re-Employment Project (Job Match), the project has reached the ultimate goal of obtaining over a 100% success rate at the close of this year grant cycle. 138 participants met the criteria to join the program and 142 active participants found their next “best-fits”.  All participants 1) earned a minimum of $38,000 the year they joined the project; 2) were displaced within the past twelve months of the time they joined; and 3) are residents of Charles, Calvert, or St Mary’s County:

Charles County 64
Calvert County 17
St. Mary’s County 3
Participants Enrolled in Job Match 84
Participants Reporting Employment 84
Participants Starting Entrepreneurial Ventures 9
Success Rate 100

The criteria for acceptance into the Job Match grant were established when the doors opened in September 2009 as a result of a Federal Block Grant (part of the Stimulus Bill of 2009) to the State of Maryland. The fundamental aim to create and execute a model to ensure that mid- to upper-level managers can experience rapid re-employment was off and running. Job Match continuously improves its tailored-to-the individual services, including career coaching, personal presentation, interview skills training, and networking opportunities to meet the needs of individuals transitioning from past employment to the next “best fit.”The Job Match Re-Employment Project services are designed to identify, support, reward and develop the necessary requirements to retool for the rehire. In the words of one recent success, “Just finished my first week at the new job. I appreciate all your timely advice and encouragement. It was less about what I was doing and more about what I could do” – D. Smith, Job Match Success Story.

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